These are a few of the projects that I built while learning the ropes.

Yelp Clone

A full stack restaurant review application using the PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node stack. Users can create restaurants and reviews with cost and quality ratings.

This project incorporates a backend API that interfaces with a cloud database, the frontend is a single-page application built with reusable React components. A login system stores encrypted passwords and associated emails. All deployed to Heroku and Netlify.

Yelp Clone Project

Todo List

A frontend application that allows users to create and view a list of Todos.

The aim of this project was to use the Single Responsibility Principle. To achieve this, classes and modules were used to create the various functions of the app, and Webpack was used to bundle them into the final JS file. An event aggregator was used to facilitate communication between the modules in a loosely-coupled way.

Todo List Project


A Vanilla JS app that allows users to add, delete, and change the read status of book cards. It uses local storage to maintain a users library from session-to-session.

Flexbox was used for a responsive design and Sass was used for the CSS. Object constructors are used to create each new Book object.

Library Project

GitHub Issues

A React application that lists all of the active issues on the React GitHub repository. Users can click through the different pages of issues.

The Fetch API was used to grab the latest issues, and store them in state for the current page. The issue data was parsed and loaded into individual components. Pagination was used to load older issues and jump forward and backward to view them all. Moment.js was used to easily display how long ago the issue was created.

GitHub Issues Project

Tip Calculator

A Vanilla JS app that calculates the tip, total, and split for a bill based on a few user inputs.

This app plays around with the customization ofinput elements, using CSS Grid and Flexbox to achieve a responsive, aesthetically-pleasing layout, and reusable utility classes.

Tip Calculator Project

Pomodoro Timer

A pomodoro work timer application built with Vanilla JS. Users can change their work and break session times, then be alerted when it's time to change.

This app was built collaboratively with another student, practicing pair programming techniques remotely using VS Code extensions to work on live code.

Pomodoro Project